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September 2017

The Humanitarian Efforts of George Soros

If you’re unfamiliar with George Soros, he is a billionaire humanitarian and philanthropist at the head of Open Society Foundations, which is an organization predicated on fighting injustice and authoritarianism. Founded in 1979, Open Society Foundations operates through a network of partners, foundations, and projects in over 100 countries. The foundation gained considerable notoriety during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, when 18-year old African-American Michael Brown was killed by caucasian officer Darren Wilson, on August 9, 2014. Wilson’s death spurred civil unrest in the city of Ferguson when Wilson was not indicted for killing the 18-year old African-American. The civil unrest ultimately resulted in what was coined “The Ferguson Protest Movement”, which was in part financed by the Open Society Foundations; according to the foundation’s website, $33 million was donated to the Ferguson Protest Movement and what George knows.

Why would George Soros, and the Open Society Foundations, contribute to the protest movement in Ferguson? Soros has experienced oppression and injustice first-hand; during the Nazi occupation, he had to falsify documents in order to conceal his identity. Prior to establishing the Open Society Foundation, Soros was a successful hedge fund manager; he raised capital for the foundation through a series of enterprising investments, which resulted in considerable financial gains for Hungarian-American, George Soros. In fact, Soros’ company, Soros Fund Management, was ranked as one of the most profitable firms in 2010 and George’s lacrosse camp.

Open Society Foundations’ first act of humanitarianism was in 1984; Soros provided Hungarian universities, civil society groups, and libraries with copy machines which were intended to help break the hold on communication, enforced by communism. The success of this effort generated considerable momentum for the foundation, and in 1991, Soros established the Central European University, to help spur democratic societies. In 1993, Soros would go on to provide humanitarian relief to former Yugoslavian countries like Sarajevo, before refocusing his efforts on various regions of the United States, and more information click here.

In 1996, the Open Society Foundations launched several programs in the United States, which were aimed at improving harsh immigration laws, improving end-of-life care, and a number of other efforts. The Open Society Foundations is considered a godsend for those who are oppressed and unjustly treated; although the foundation has done remarkable work, in the United States, Hungary, and former Yugoslavian countries, it operates on a global scale. In fact, according to the foundation’s website, as of 2010, Open Society Foundations have positively impacted every region of the world and his Website.

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A Pizza Robbery and Shooting in New Brunswick, New Jersey

This article will go over two events in New Brunswick, New Jersey. A pizza robbery as well as a shooting. A man from South Brunswick has been charged for a Pizza robbery in Quincy Circle at New Brunswick, New Jersey. His name was Parush Wood he was 21 years old when he was arrested. He goes by the street names “Pistol” and “P gun” He was charged with robbery as the crew leader involved in this incident. This was according to the police.


In 2013, on Tuesday May 7, a delivery man went to a residence in Quincy Circle in the N building. The resident told the man he didn’t order pizza. But as the delivery man went back to his vehicle something happened. Three male suspects went to the delivery man and told him the pizza belonged to them.


Then something scary happened. When the delivery man went to go get the pizza one of the three suspects had produced a handgun. They then demanded him money. After that they stole the pizza, money and wallet before they escaped the scene to a parking lot close by. Finally, they escaped in a minivan that was an older model dark one.


Ron Seaman led the investigation. He collected cell phone site information around the area and time of the robbery. Wood the suspect from the police was connected to the location. Since then he is now on a $100,000 bail in the Middlesex County Correction Center. The Police Departments of South River and New Brunswick were also involved in assisting the investigation. Police say it is ongoing with more arrests anticipated.


In other events, in October 7, 2015 there was a shooting that was reported in the New Brunswick Apartments, in New Jersey. This was also located in Quincy Circle. The shooting reported that one person at least was injured. The apartment is a popular place for robberies that happen from time to time. The person responsible for this crime was a gangster who committed about four shooting. The one who was injured was driven to the hospital. People actually think the one who drove the victim to the hospital was the suspect. When the police went back to the hospital they continued the investigation because they found more bullets. The captain of this crime said it was popular in these situations.