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February 2018

DAMAC Properties in the Middle East and Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and the Chairman of the giant real estate developer DAMAC Properties in Dubai. DAMAC has been credited by Forbes as being one of the fastest growing companies in the middle east, largely due to the leadership that is given by Sajwani.


DAMAC currently has completed over 19,000 apartments and has an additional 44,000 projects in different stages of development all over the region. The company was listed in 2015 with the Dubai Financial Market where its shares are regularly traded.


DAMAC specializes in upscale luxury living accommodations with its apartments, resorts, and hotels. Sajwani has partnered with Donald Trump at several of the resorts owned by DAMAC with the inclusion of Tiger Woods-designed golf courses managed by the Trump organization.


The apartments are high-end, first-class investments for the owners, as they feature upscale Fendi and Versace interiors and luxury villas by Bugatti. Today the skyline of Dubai shimmers and glistens with high-rise accommodations, office buildings, and resort hotels, but when Sajwani began with Damac it was just desert. Sajwani and DAMAC have played a major role in the development of Dubai.


Sajwani owes a debt of gratitude to his father who made young Hussain work at the family business after school. His father made him work long hours, but Hussain learned the habits of working hard and applying learned skills to the task. After graduation from the University of Washington in the United States, Sajwani formed Global Logistic Services, a catering company that provided food for the United States Army during the Gulf War. The company also served several large American construction firms including the giant Bechtel Corporation.


The food service experience enabled Sajwani to be introduced to many key individuals in high places in the Middle East which helped him throughout his career in making key contacts at the right moment. Having that kind of relationship with the decision makers of countries has helped DAMAC become the dominant property management company in the Middle East.


Forbes has ranked DAMAC number one on their Global 2000 list for 2017. This listing ranks the fastest growing companies on a global scale by their annual growth in revenues from 2013 to 2016. Hussain Sajwani was also named by Forbes as one of the Top Ten Billionaires in their listing of the World’s Richest Arabs of 2017.


When Hussain Sajwani looks back at his boyhood days working for his father and his journey to where he stands today, he is proud that his father taught him the basic principles of honest work and organization.


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Jed McCaleb Breaks Down His Personal Strategy

Due to the development of online entities such as eDonkey, one of the foremost file-sharing platforms of its era, as well as the first online Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb is highly regarded amongst the online community, and as technology continues to take leaps and bounds, he continues to utilize forward-thought to capitalize on the online arena. Jed McCaleb practices a lifestyle geared at remaining efficient through and through, and in order to do this, he places his daily activities into two separate categories which he calls “focus” mode and “reactive mode.” While in focus mode, Mr. McCaleb works on improving his product, utilizing a small team to code the programs associated with his newest company, “Stellar.” When in his reactive state, Mr. McCaleb networks with his associates, responding to emails and other aspects connected to the business side of growing a company. During this period, he spends a great deal of time assessing the overall plan for the project, while cutting out anything he deems nonessential, in order to ensure that he is always building toward the right goal. He spends a great deal of his time utilizing Google Docs and StackOverflow, siting them as two of the most important programs to his daily processes. A strategy that has helped him consistently throughout his career is his choice to focus on building a quality product, rather than on marketing one, as now, in the computer age, the internet has streamlined one’s ability to market a product to the proper audience.

Constantly looking to the future, Jed McCaleb spends a large portion of his time delving into the world of the budding new tech, artificial intelligence. According to him, the impact of artificial intelligence will be similar to that of the agricultural revolution, making it one of the most important new industries to come along in recent history. In order to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs regarding artificial technology, Mr. McCaleb has teamed up with one of the most promising non-profit organizations in the business; the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. While he regularly donates to the organization, he also recently came aboard the team, acting as an advisor.

Joel Friant Is Now The Habanero Guy

If you need some more spice in your life, Joel Friant is the man you should talk to. He is the creator of The Original Habanero Shaker, a product that can give you that spice you are looking for. Joel is a successful businessman who has worked in several different industries, but has particularly made his mark on the food industry. He refers to himself as “Thai Guy”, a name that can actually be found on The Original Habanero Shaker bottle. He adopted this name because he is credited for having been the first to develop a concept for Thai fast food in the United States. The habanero chile is the main focus of his current work,however.

The Original Habanero Shaker came to life because of Friant’s obsession with the spice. He told Ideamensch that he was not satisfied with other habanero shakers because they were not 100% habanero. The Original Habanero Shaker contains, in fact, 100% habanero flakes. This allows people who enjoy the kick of one of these hot peppers to truly enjoy it with nothing else potentially taunting the experience.

According to the website for Friant’s Habanero Shaker the habanero pepper is one of the hottest in the world. The heat that it brings is not it’s only selling point, according to the site, it has different dimensions of flavor and can be described as “Smokey and buttery”. The shaker can add just the right amount of spice and flavor to anything you eat.

Spice connoisseurs like Friant can get ahold of The Original Habanero Shaker through the product website or by going directly to Amazon and searching for it. Each bottle is made in the United States of America and costs a little less than fifteen dollars. Pretty soon Joel Friant will no longer be known as “Thai Guy” and will become known as something such as “Habanero Guy”.

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AvaTrade Review: Cryptocurrency Options Along with Forex Trading

AvaTrade is an industry leader in the Forex and Cryptocurrency trading online. They offer users versatile software and trading platforms that can be accessed online through web portals. Additionally, they have high quality customer support and ongoing innovative options that put consumers in charge of their portfolios every day. There are a lot of reasons to consider using AvaTrade for online trading. Continual improvements and a commitment to excellence are some of the advantages of working with this institution.

AvaTrade is an innovative service provider because of their interest in customer preferences and common interests. They offer live trading as well as options for trial accounts. Setting up an account is also easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. The entire user experience flows well and makes it easy for things to get going right off the bat.

Overall there are a lot of benefits when it comes to working with AvaTrade they have provided valuable ongoing results that have resulted in continual improvements over the years. More than a decade of success has led to the most versatile and effective outcomes when it comes to ongoing support and systematic changes. Benefits of working with AvaTrade include easy to use infrastructure, valuable payment options and the chance to gain insight and recommendations from educational resources.

AvaTrade makes it easy to keep learning about the way that stock markets and cryptocurrencies can help improve a person’s portfolio of investments. Educational blog posts, advise from leading industry experts, as well as other educational tools make it easy to learn and grow as an invester. AvaTrade makes resources readily available to consumers, and has a fast and easy access system. Not only will customers benefit from ongoing access to valuable resources, they will also have a lot of advantages when it comes to deposit methods and payment options. Paypal, WebMoney, and various other systems for money to be transferred make things much easier for users of this platform.

There are a lot of reasons that AvaTrade should be considered more than a Forex market trading platform. They have valuable methods of payment, customer support, and general trading platform access.

The Oxford Club Tells Investors How to Take Three Steps to Higher Returns

The Oxford Club is an independent network of investors from around the world headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. As part of their educational efforts to help people become more successful and accumulate more wealth, they recently published an informative article on their free Investment U website by Alexander Green, their Chief Investment Strategist.

Green explains the three steps investors can take to increase their returns no matter what happens in the markets. The first one is simply to save more. 24% of Americans have saved less than $1,000 for retirement, according to the 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey. Nearly half of all Americans have under $25,000. Green points out that he was saving money even when he was in his 20s and driving a car with a radio worth more than the car.

The second crucial steps investors must take is to minimize their investment costs. He points out that, in investing, paying more for advice does not get you higher returns. Every year, 3 out of 4 of managers fail to beat their relevant benchmark index, such as the S&P 500. This is all the more frightening when you realize that if chance alone were involved, half of them should beat the benchmark. The fact that it’s only 25% shows that most fund managers are performing worse than chance alone. When the time period is ten years or longer, only 5% of active fund managers beat their indexes. Yet the money you pay them in fees comes out of your returns.

Green’s last step advises investors to rebalance their portfolios periodically. That means cutting down on asset types that have had large gains and buying more of assets that have recently underperformed. When investors do this, they are selling investments at high prices and buying alternative types when their prices are relatively low.

The Oxford Club has over 80,000 members. It also publishes paid monthly newsletters with specific investment recommendations.

Choosing Siteline Cabinetry Is Well Worth The Investment

Making a decision to remodel the interior of your home can be a highly anticipated time. You know exactly what you want, and you want to choose a company that will design and deliver top quality service according to your specifications and needs. Siteline Cabinetry is is the latest company introduced by Corsi Group in 2015. It specializes in making the custom designed cabinets that you desire. The company has over two hundred seventy materials, and finishes to choose from. It is a full access company, and it offers competitive pricing. You will find many cabinets that are already pre configured, and choices of accessories.

All of the products at Siteline Cabinetry are customized with a lead time of four to five weeks. The company has transformed a large number of homes in the two years that it has been in the market. Siteline offers to make your home over, and have it be the space that you want. Whether it is the kitchen, laundry area, closet, bathroom, library, or any other area where cabinets are used, your custom designed product will be guaranteed to please. Siteline Cabinetry gives your home unimaginable appeal, and the value that you receive for your investment is unmatched.

Siteline is aware that clients want their down time to be a minimal as possible, so they guarantee quick delivery of the cabinets to your home. Using the most modern technologies, all cabinets are made within engineering standards. With bathrooms becoming more luxurious spaces, Siteline will transform your old bathroom into a place where you can relax and unwind. Have the luxury of a real spa in your home. There are many cabinet, door, storage, finish, and color options from which to choose that will give your finished product a little of your own personality.

Revitalize any space your home with the wide range of interior accessory options available with Siteline. All of the colors and finishes are guaranteed to be durable, and are the most modern on the market. Siteline Cabinetry gives you style the way that you want it. Choosing Siteline is money well invested.