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May 2018

Jacob Gottlieb Has One Impressive Resume, That’s For Sure

Chief information officers of businesses are responsible for managing, maintaining, implementing, and otherwise changing anything related to computers, tablets, software, and information technology. As such, most people fortunate enough to have the executive role of CIO have resumes with long work histories related to computers and software and degrees in computer science.


Jacob Gottlieb is the current CIO of Visium Asset Management, a healthcare investment banking financial institution that possesses some $8 billion under its umbrella of management. Although most people in that role would be intimately familiar with computers through a background in the world of information technology or computer science, Mr. Gottlieb learned everything he needs to know about computers on his own.


Further, Mr. Jacob Gottlieb is likely the only CIO on the face of planet Earth that possesses a doctor of medicine degree – an M.D. is enough to practice medicine in the United States – and a Certified Financial Advisor certification.


Although it might seem overkill to have an active CFA license and the ability to practice medicine in the United States for someone working as a chief information officer – it is overkill, frankly – these accomplishments are only brought up to show just how much Mr. Gottlieb can accomplish when he sets his mind to something.


Gottlieb also enjoys giving back to the state of New York, particularly the Big Apple – New York City. Robin Hood is one of his favorite charities, which helps the 20-odd-percent of New York state residents seek social support services and find sufficient no-cost sources of food to stay afloat.

His background in school, work, and community is unarguably as impressive as the diverse portfolio of occupational freedoms and privileges that Mr. Jacob Gottlieb currently possesses. Here’s a short biography of Mr. Gottlieb’s history and how it molded him to be who he is today.


Impressive beginnings


Jacob Gottlieb was born in the 1960s to Poles that emigrated directly from Poland to the United States. In the seventh grade, the much younger Gottlieb selected a winning portfolio of stocks in a school contest, setting his love for finance in stone.


The Illustrious Career of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a renowned plastic surgeon based in Dallas. He set shop in Dallas, Texas, over two decades ago and it seems like he has just began. Sameer’s work ethics portray a character that is more committed than ever both as a respected physician and in his determination to improve safety in his line of work.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has made improving the safety of plastic surgery not only in Texas but around the United States his chief priority. Over the years, he has continued to cement his position among the top surgeons in Dallas and has been able to build a career in the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Throughout his career, Sameer has worked in several institutions in the broader Dallas area including Dallas Day Surgery Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Baylor Medical Center, and Forrest Park Medical Center.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar acquired his skills and knowledge from the University of Michigan Medical School where he received his degree. To gain more understanding of aesthetic surgery, Sameer chose the Manhattan Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital as the institution to go for his residency. Using the expertise acquired from his college and residency days, Sameer has traversed the globe performing many operations through volunteer work and workshops. He partners with charity organizations in his many medical trips to help those in need around the world. Just recently, he went on a journey with Smile Bangladesh to offer left cleft lip deformation surgeries.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s is a successful researcher, and his work has appeared in several medical magazines including Annals of Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has received several notable awards due to his exemplary work in the field of medicine primarily plastic surgery. One of the significant recognition is the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certificate.


The philanthropic Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos was born in a wealthy but conservative family in the year 1958. From a young age, Betsy attended the Christian Reformed Church that is in Holland. Her family is Christian and she went to Calvin College close to Grand Rapids. It was at this college that she started being active in college politics and she has been politically active ever since then. After she cleared college she got married to her husband Dick DeVos. The billionaire couple has over the years made generous contributions towards political and religious causes. The couple has been keen on expanding charter schools in their region and also the use of vouchers that let students use public funding to pay for their private schooling.

Betsy DeVos was appointed as the newest Education Secretary, a role she has little experience in. However, her little experience will not hinder her performance because she will learn the ropes of working in government. A few months ago President Trump had revoked a federal policy that had been passed by the last president which he described as an over reach from the former administration. The policy had previously given transgender students the right to go to the school bathrooms that felt matched their identities. However, this was a move that Betsy had been against since it was brought to her by Attorney General Jeff Sessions who later used his connections to get the presidents attention on the matter.

Even though Betsy DeVos was against this decision, she did not publicly show a rift between her and the president’s ideology in the matter. She even declined an interview to talk about the matter. Those who know her back in her home town, have described her as relentless and driven. They say that anyone who would take her for a meek team player would be so wrong. They say she uses her family’s fortune to reward her allies and punish all her foes. She is also known to use her influence working behind the scenes to pass legislation. There is a tendency to underestimate her because she is graceful and charismatic.

Betsy has over the years pushed funds to charter schools. Some of her opponents have noted that she lacks the connection to public schools and colleges because both she and her husband have attended private schools. They also say because of her vast wealth she does not know of the problems average families experience when they pay for education. Her opponents say that charter schools work against public schools because they starve public schools of their resources. Supporters of the charter schools claim that the charter schools give poor families an option and this creates competition that pressures traditional public schools to improve.

Other than her charter school causes she is also active in a number of other non-profit roles. Betsy DeVos is not just a member of several local boards in her area but she is also the chairperson of her and her husband’s foundation. Her philanthropic nature has helped many.


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Dr. Saad Saad is a highly sought after pediatric surgeon in the world.

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the world’s most highly sought-after pediatric surgeon with extensive knowledge, vast expertise, and innovative expertise. It is astonishing that for one person with so much achievement under his belt, Dr. Saad Saad is a humble man with the heart of making the world a better place. Dr. Saad Saad comes from a background of scholars with his other seven siblings in the professions of teaching, engineering, and surgery. Dr. Saad was brought up in Kuwait, and he dreaded the summer heat so much that he developed the desire to be a surgeon so that he could work in an air-conditioned environment. Dr. Saad Saad has one of the most lucrative track records one could ever have from medical school. He graduated from his medical school with honors and in his 3rd year, he took an ECFMG exam in Beirut, and he passed gaining the opportunity to receive his training in the USA. Dr. Saad went ahead and did his internship in England and subsequently immigrated to the USA about four decades ago. Dr. Saad worked with K Hovnanian Children Hospital serving in the position of Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief. In the 1980s, the career path for Dr. Saad took an adventurous turn when he was invited to serve as the royal family’s pediatric surgeon in Saudi Arabia. Because he was fluent in both English and Arabic, he also was a board-certified pediatric surgeon who had performed numerous complex surgeries. Dr. Saad Saad moved to Saudi Arabia with his family, and there he made a reputation for himself just with his personal touch. During his stay in the city of Riyadh, Dr. Saad served at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. He was always called upon by the Protocol Office and chief of the hospital to perform a wide range of surgeries from simplest ones to more complex. One of his most renowned procedure was the surgery he performed on the youngest baby that was suffering from an aneurysm. This procedure that Dr. Saad performed was published by a leading global scientific journal to create awareness and for future references. Dr. Saad is one who believes in equality from people from all walks of life. He draws his life lessons from his mentor Dr. H Biemann Othersen and President Abraham Lincoln both of who championed equal opportunities for people from all races. Dr. Saad Saad has applied his engineering skills and many years of performing surgery to patent two inventions. He has patented the catheter with tracking mechanisms saving doctors the hustle of locating catheters and patients no longer have to make trips to MRIs or X-rays. The Second invention that he patented is the rigid irrigation endoscope that prevents obstruction of the lens during endoscopy procedures. Learn more:


Reforming the Education Department is the Goal of Betsy DeVos

Throughout her life Betsy DeVos has had an ingest in reforming education. At her alma mater Calvin College, Betsy DeVos joined in on discussions of campus politics. Since her time at Calvin College, she has went m to be involved with various other political ventures. She’s been involved with assisting political campaigns and involved with political action committees. She served as the chairperson for the Republican Michigan Party.


Politically her family are also reformers. Her husband Dick DeVos ran on a campaign of reform when he was the Republican candidate for the Michigan governor race in 2006. Betsy helped out closely with her husband’s campaign to get his reformist ideas out there to voters in Michigan. Dick DeVos shares his wife’s interests in politics, reform, and philanthropy.


The manner Betsy DeVos has been most influential with reform is with her philanthropy. Betsy and her family run the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation. She also works with a variety of other charities. Primarily, the focus of the philanthropy Betsy works on is connected to education. In particular, her education philanthropy is aimed at school choice for students and their families. Betsy DeVos is now performing more direct examples of school reform for school choice as education secretary.


School choice is by no means a new concept. Milton Friedman wrote of the benefits of school choice in his book “The Role of Government in Education” around half a century ago. A quarter of a century ago Wisconsin was the first state in the nation to utilize a school choice plan through the use of vouchers. Betsy DeVos supports the idea of using education money toward funding voucher systems for some students to be places in a charter or private school that would be more appropriate for their education needs.


In part due to Betsy DeVos’s efforts, 250,000 students are currently attending public funded private choice programs. The programs stretch across 17 different states and in the nation’s capital. In the last year the number of students in these public funded private choice programs grew by 40,000 students. Secretary of Education DeVos has stated in an interview with Philanthropy Round Table that this is proof the movement of school choice is really beginning to take off. She hopes this means school choice will be further implanted while she serves the country as education secretary. Her goal to reform the education department will encourage school choice and other new ideas with the students in mind.


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