Adam Milstein – Success through Good Habits

Mr. Adam Milstein has been actively involved in philanthropy as well as in the world of business. He has amassed decades of experience as a real estate investor. Mr. Adam Milstein is known for his leadership skills and for his many contributions.

Mr. Adam Milstein is native to Israel. During the Yom Kippur War, Mr. Adam Milstein served in the IDF. He received his education from Technion University and graduated in 1978. After a few years, Mr. Adam Milstein moved to the United States of America where he pursued higher education from the University of Southern California and in 1981, Mr. Adam Milstein graduated with an M. B. A. degree. Once he had finished his studies, Mr. Adam Milstein started occupying a position at the company of Commercial Real Estate which is based in Southern California. Mr. Adam Milstein later became a Managing Partner at the real estate firm of Hager Pacific properties in the year of 1983, and he has been working at the position ever since.

One of the most significant accomplishments of Mr. Adam Milstein is the collaborative founding of the Israeli-American Council. Mr. Adam Milstein is operating as the National Chairman of the organization. Mr. Adam Milstein is also a part of a number of organization boards including the AIPAC National Council and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, the AISH Los Angeles, and much more. Mr. Adam Milstein co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America which is an organization which provides and distributes free books in Hebrew on a monthly basis. The books are for families practicing the Jewish religion and are Israeli- American.

Mr. Adam Milstein values persistence. He does a lot on his own and for Mr. Adam Milstein, following up on a daily basis is a must. Consistency is one of the habits that accredits a lot of his success to. Mr. Adam Milstein also admires business partner Mr. David Hager who is a good thinker and always a couple of steps ahead. To beginning entrepreneurs, Mr. Adam Milstein gives the advice to always be persistent and consistent with anything they take up.