Whitney Wolfe And Bumble Face Legal Challenges From Tinder

Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, has been attempting to purchase Bumble from Whitney Wolfe.

Bumble is unique among the overpopulated world of dating apps; Bumble is designed to allow women to make the first move. The app is gaining popularity on a daily basis, so it is no wonder why Tinder has been pursuing the purchase of Bumble. Whitney Wolfe has refused to sell on multiple occasions, and now Tinder is utilizing another tactic.

Tinder has filed a lawsuit against Bumble for violating two patents. Tinder claims that by using the swipe feature to choose who you like and who you don’t is a violation of Tinder’s patent. Tinder is accusing Bumble of stealing trade secrets.

Whitney Wolfe and Bumble are calling Match Group corporate bullies. Bumble claims that because they refused to sell to Tinder, Tinder is now using other tactics to force them out of business.

Whitney Wolfe was one of the co-founders of Tinder, so it is quite possible that she knew how the back-end system of Tinder works. Match Group is not accusing Wolfe of stealing code or other important assets from Tinder. They are simply saying that by using a swipe feature, Bumble is stealing their ideas. A preposterous notion when you consider that nearly every app in existence requires you to swipe in the process of using the app.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur from America in the tech industry. She was the co-founder of Tinder and is now the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. She gained her education at Southern Methodist University; her education enabled her to have the knowledge necessary to be successful in the tech world.

Wolfe has been honored with several awards. In 2014, Wolfe was listed on Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech. She was also named on a similar list hosted by Forbes in both 2017 and 2018. She has been featured on the cover of prestigious magazines such as Forbes and Wired UK.

She recently held a panel at SXSW that discussed women’s roles in the business world. She assisted in motivating and explaining the importance of women in business.

She is married to Michael Herd.

Banco Bradesco’s Top Management Changes Are Not A Surprise According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco

The banking industry in Brazil is a tight-knit group. Brazilian banks have to make decisions that often contradict what the government is trying to do especially now that the economy is a growth mode again. This is an election year in Brazil. That means anything can happen.

Even popular former President Lulu is fighting his conviction, so he can run for office again. But his second request to overturn his fate didn’t go his way. Lulu is out of the running, but there was talk that Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the current Chairman of Bradesco should get into politics as the finance minister of the country.

Current President Temer did talk to Trabuco about taking that job. But Luiz isn’t leaving the bank after almost fifty years of service. But Bradesco is going through some top management changes. One of the major changes is the exit of 91-year-old Lázaro de Mello Brandão. Brandão’s retirement is not a surprise. The oldest banker in the country is ready to step down. In fact, he was ready to retire long before he did, but Trabuco and the Board of Directors had to put a management plan in place that would not impact earnings in a negative way. That’s way Trabuco acted as CEO and Chairman for a few months.

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Seven men on Trabuco’s management team were in line for the CEO position. And all those men are long-term Bradesco executives. But in the end, Octavio de Lazari, the man who gave the bank the profit it needed to break income projections in 2017 is the new Bradesco CEO. Lazari was the vice-president in charge of Seguros, the bank’s insurance division. Octavio will continue to report to Trabuco and the Board of Directors. But four other CEO candidates are also moving into top positions within the bank. At the annual shareholders meeting March 12th investor relations Vice-President Alexandre Glüher, operation head Josué Pancini, and IT Vice-President Mauricio Minas, as well as Executive Vice President Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, are now bank board members. They will stay in their current position and also have a seat on the Board of Directors. The bank’s goal is to get younger bankers on the board, according to Mr. Trabuco.

Octavio de Lazari is not wasting any time making CEO decisions. Lazari told the press the bank will continue to close underperforming local branches, and he will continue to add more programs that increase the bank’s online services. Mr. Lazari also wants to lend more money to people who can afford to pay it back. Interest rates are down, and that’s good news for Bradesco and other banks. The only missing piece of the executive team was Lazari replacement at Seguros. But that piece is in place now. Vinicius Almeida Albernaz is the new head of the bank’s insurance division.

Mr. Lazari’s four decades of banking experience will help him address other challenges facing Bradesco in 2018, according to Chairman Trabuco. Plus, Trabuco is still around to finish some of his internal projects and to keep the bank on track so investors continue to support the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of Bradesco’s top executives. For the last eight years, Trabuco put his personal stamp on the bank as the president and CEO of the bank. He started as a clerk and after long years of working in the bank he achieved the highest position due to his hardworking and dedication. He graduated in University of Sao Paolo with Degree in Psychology.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://oglobo.globo.com/economia/bradesco-anuncia-novo-presidente-octavio-de-lazari-junior-vai-substituir-luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-22365414#ixzz56wDld69g

Here’s How Doe Deere Inspires Her Fans

The beauty world is based around innovation: new trends to try are always rotating in. Being a successful entrepreneur in this business means staying ahead of the competition and consistently delivering products that customers will love.


Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, knows this inside and out. The name of her business itself encourages innovation. Lime Crime inspires people to be bold and bright – and wear colors that are almost criminal. Her latest invention? Unicorn Hair, a line of ultra-conditioning hair dyes in a damage-free formula. The colors have quirky names like Juicy or Sea Witch.


Lime Crime is known for its grungy, rock-chic aesthetic, a nod to Doe Deere’s roots in the New York City music scene. She was inspired to start Lime Crime after designing and creating her own clothes. When she didn’t find the right kind of makeup to complement these outfits, she decided to start making it herself. Lime Crime was launched in 2008, and Doe Deere has never looked back.


One of the things that really sets Lime Crime apart is its online focus. While the label is offered in some retail locations, Lime Crime is primarily web-based. Doe Deere tells Inspirey that she initially promoted her products through online makeup tutorials. The brand now stays in close contact with its fans through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Lime Crime is especially popular with Generation Z, who have grown up entirely online.


Lime Crime fans are affectionately known as “unicorns” because of how they break makeup rules and are daringly different, exactly like a unicorn. Doe Deere encourages Unicorn Hair lovers to mix and match the colors to create their own perfect shade. She also recently launched Pocket Candy, a line of eye shadow palettes inspired by children’s toys from the 1990s.


Where does Doe Deere get her inspiration? She tells Inspirey that she has always been in love with fairy tales and makeup. It’s that sense of wonder that led her to create the Velvetines line of liquid matte lipsticks – a product that, several years after its launch, is still coveted by beauty gurus.


To stay fresh, Doe Deere starts her mornings with some light stretches, a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. She also tries to avoid checking her phone first thing in the morning, so that she can allow whatever thoughts or ideas come up to develop naturally. She usually arrives at the office around noon. She will often stay late with her team of makeup lovers, perfecting each product until it fits exactly with her vision of playful, magical makeup.


Doe Deere is also committed to giving back. She has given talks at events like the PHAMExpo about what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur. Lime Crime also supports numerous charities like the Red Cross and Girls Inc.


To learn more, visit www.doedeere.com.

Wireless Technology From Securus Is A Success

Successful technology continues to play a major role in the security provided for many facilities over the phone and at the actual institute. For security reasons, many people are declining to work in a correctional facility. They also say the pay does not outweigh the risk in current law enforcement. However, Securus has created technology that allows their customers to enjoy the benefits of reduced features through actual promotional offers. More importantly, their technology provides additional trusted surveillance even with their current inmate calling network. Luckily, you stay connected to an inmate for far less than their competitors.


Enjoy Crime Prevention From Securus


Their crime prevention model at Securus is a constant reminder of the need for additional monitoring in a facility. You can use their customer support professionals to see how; you qualify for an account. Crime prevention means less fee because you’re not paying for network discrepancies. Customers can use their web portal to report crime or confidentiality with their crime tab. Alone, Securus has been able to get their customers involved to also eliminate telecommunications crimes. Trust your correctional facility calls to the superior Securus Technologies network.


Recent Securus News


Securus now operates their network from a global provider with a certification 1 certificate. They were able to understand the needs of international detainees and the need for quality inmate calls. They have an opportunity to stay connected to their love ones in a correctional facility overseas. Fortunately, an American or other foreigner has the option of reaching out to their legal counsel, Enjoy the same great rates and quality service shared by thousands of families worldwide. Their international business merger for a certification 1 has been a success for Securus and their overseas partners. Securus makes inmate calling possible for their international customers.


Wireless containment will stop the use of illegal cellphones by inmates. The staff will be able to use their phone without interruption, but should check with their current facility. A facility will have access to remote technology to stop inmate contraband. Securus will assemble the technology and control it with their own personnel base quarters. The toughest facility will see a reduction in crime by at least 47% with their active wireless containment technology. They’re currently testing the new technology at select facilities and is set to launch within a few months.


Securus has also adopted technology that allows faster payment processing 1 to 24 hours. The GovPayNet technology was one of the largest government payment processing providers in the industry. You’re also invited to use their new payment processing for an encrpted network to protect your financial information. Join the trusted Securus family and save on your inmate calls today.


The Experts at Twenty Three Layers Offer Tips to make Party Planning Easy

By definition, a party is a festive event. However, the process involved in orchestrating an event can often be frustrating. In order to help people avoid the stress associated with party planning, the experts at Twenty Three Layers compiled a list of ten helpful tips. These tips could help anyone create an enjoyable and memorable event regardless of how much time they have for planning.

As one of the leading event planning companies in NYC, the professionals at Twenty Three Layers advise party planners to get organized. Creating a list of everything that needs to be completed could help party planners stay focused on what needs to be done. Some items that could be placed on the list might include the food or appetizers being served, the entertainment being provided and the supplies that need to be purchased. These categories could be broken down even further into sub-categories such as paper supplies and decorations. In many cases, using a theme for the party helps narrow down the field for the items on the list.

While the digital age is good for a lot of business-oriented services, the experts at Twenty Three Layers recommended sending out invitations to the guests. Not only do invitations add a personal touch to the event, they could also be used as keepsakes. If the event is going to offer alcoholic beverages, a bar designed to let guests serve themselves could be a less stressful way to go. If the party is going to involve both adults and children, a fun table for kids could be easily constructed using bundles of crayons or colored pencils on top of a paper tablecloth they could actually draw on.

As one of the premier corporate event planners in NYC, this agency has helped put together a variety of social events that involved everything from venue selection and floral arrangements to lighting and photography. The array of testimonials on their website indicate they have a clear perception of what works best for their clients and are capable of executing their plans in a way that makes all of their events uniquely enjoyable.

The Reason Talk Fusion Has Been Winning Product Of The Year Awards

Talk Fusion won a couple “Product of the Year” awards in 2016 as a recognition for how they’ve changed the video marketing industry. The reason they’ve won these awards is not only because their video chat and email products have produced high quality output in videos, but also because they’ve done so without the usual installations and upgrades that are needed for most traditional software. Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology to distribute both video files and live streams through email and live chat session links, and what’s great about it is you can just use it right within your browser. The system it started with was solely for converting video format to email files, but now it’s come to be a new chat and broadcasting system that’s competing with the likes of Skype and Microsoft’s cloud suite.


The person who the Talk Fusion brand originated from is Bob Reina, a former Tampa law enforcement officer who became a multilevel marketer back in the early 1990s. He and Jonathan Chen wanted to solve a problem for sending video files that were deemed too large to send through AOL’s mail system, so they tested and brought the first Talk Fusion video email product to the open market in 2007, and other products followed soon after that. This product defied what most email professionals had said before about it not being possible to have videos running within emails. Learn more: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.talkfusion&hl=en


Why does Talk Fusion use direct selling to reach its customers? Bob Reina had made a big career change prior to starting Talk Fusion where he came to understand how being an independent salesperson for a company working on his own time and to meet his own goals could be the ticket to financial freedom. He realized it could work for Talk Fusion as well, so anyone who wants to join the Talk Fusion associate listing can. The rewards for selling a lot of products plus bringing in new referrals includes things like expensive jewelry, getting to go around the world to classic vacation places and even coming home with a brand new car. Talk Fusion also offers all of their products free for 30 days and you don’t need a credit card even to start the trial. Talk Fusion’s products have been used by both large and small businesses and Reina often talks in his Huffington Post articles about how video marketing is changing dynamics in marketing as a whole.

DAMAC Properties in the Middle East and Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and the Chairman of the giant real estate developer DAMAC Properties in Dubai. DAMAC has been credited by Forbes as being one of the fastest growing companies in the middle east, largely due to the leadership that is given by Sajwani.


DAMAC currently has completed over 19,000 apartments and has an additional 44,000 projects in different stages of development all over the region. The company was listed in 2015 with the Dubai Financial Market where its shares are regularly traded.


DAMAC specializes in upscale luxury living accommodations with its apartments, resorts, and hotels. Sajwani has partnered with Donald Trump at several of the resorts owned by DAMAC with the inclusion of Tiger Woods-designed golf courses managed by the Trump organization.


The apartments are high-end, first-class investments for the owners, as they feature upscale Fendi and Versace interiors and luxury villas by Bugatti. Today the skyline of Dubai shimmers and glistens with high-rise accommodations, office buildings, and resort hotels, but when Sajwani began with Damac it was just desert. Sajwani and DAMAC have played a major role in the development of Dubai.


Sajwani owes a debt of gratitude to his father who made young Hussain work at the family business after school. His father made him work long hours, but Hussain learned the habits of working hard and applying learned skills to the task. After graduation from the University of Washington in the United States, Sajwani formed Global Logistic Services, a catering company that provided food for the United States Army during the Gulf War. The company also served several large American construction firms including the giant Bechtel Corporation.


The food service experience enabled Sajwani to be introduced to many key individuals in high places in the Middle East which helped him throughout his career in making key contacts at the right moment. Having that kind of relationship with the decision makers of countries has helped DAMAC become the dominant property management company in the Middle East.


Forbes has ranked DAMAC number one on their Global 2000 list for 2017. This listing ranks the fastest growing companies on a global scale by their annual growth in revenues from 2013 to 2016. Hussain Sajwani was also named by Forbes as one of the Top Ten Billionaires in their listing of the World’s Richest Arabs of 2017.


When Hussain Sajwani looks back at his boyhood days working for his father and his journey to where he stands today, he is proud that his father taught him the basic principles of honest work and organization.


Visit http://hussainsajwani.com/ to learn more.

Jed McCaleb Breaks Down His Personal Strategy

Due to the development of online entities such as eDonkey, one of the foremost file-sharing platforms of its era, as well as the first online Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb is highly regarded amongst the online community, and as technology continues to take leaps and bounds, he continues to utilize forward-thought to capitalize on the online arena. Jed McCaleb practices a lifestyle geared at remaining efficient through and through, and in order to do this, he places his daily activities into two separate categories which he calls “focus” mode and “reactive mode.” While in focus mode, Mr. McCaleb works on improving his product, utilizing a small team to code the programs associated with his newest company, “Stellar.” When in his reactive state, Mr. McCaleb networks with his associates, responding to emails and other aspects connected to the business side of growing a company. During this period, he spends a great deal of time assessing the overall plan for the project, while cutting out anything he deems nonessential, in order to ensure that he is always building toward the right goal. He spends a great deal of his time utilizing Google Docs and StackOverflow, siting them as two of the most important programs to his daily processes. A strategy that has helped him consistently throughout his career is his choice to focus on building a quality product, rather than on marketing one, as now, in the computer age, the internet has streamlined one’s ability to market a product to the proper audience.

Constantly looking to the future, Jed McCaleb spends a large portion of his time delving into the world of the budding new tech, artificial intelligence. According to him, the impact of artificial intelligence will be similar to that of the agricultural revolution, making it one of the most important new industries to come along in recent history. In order to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs regarding artificial technology, Mr. McCaleb has teamed up with one of the most promising non-profit organizations in the business; the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. While he regularly donates to the organization, he also recently came aboard the team, acting as an advisor.

Joel Friant Is Now The Habanero Guy

If you need some more spice in your life, Joel Friant is the man you should talk to. He is the creator of The Original Habanero Shaker, a product that can give you that spice you are looking for. Joel is a successful businessman who has worked in several different industries, but has particularly made his mark on the food industry. He refers to himself as “Thai Guy”, a name that can actually be found on The Original Habanero Shaker bottle. He adopted this name because he is credited for having been the first to develop a concept for Thai fast food in the United States. The habanero chile is the main focus of his current work,however.

The Original Habanero Shaker came to life because of Friant’s obsession with the spice. He told Ideamensch that he was not satisfied with other habanero shakers because they were not 100% habanero. The Original Habanero Shaker contains, in fact, 100% habanero flakes. This allows people who enjoy the kick of one of these hot peppers to truly enjoy it with nothing else potentially taunting the experience.

According to the website for Friant’s Habanero Shaker the habanero pepper is one of the hottest in the world. The heat that it brings is not it’s only selling point, according to the site, it has different dimensions of flavor and can be described as “Smokey and buttery”. The shaker can add just the right amount of spice and flavor to anything you eat.

Spice connoisseurs like Friant can get ahold of The Original Habanero Shaker through the product website or by going directly to Amazon and searching for it. Each bottle is made in the United States of America and costs a little less than fifteen dollars. Pretty soon Joel Friant will no longer be known as “Thai Guy” and will become known as something such as “Habanero Guy”.

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AvaTrade Review: Cryptocurrency Options Along with Forex Trading

AvaTrade is an industry leader in the Forex and Cryptocurrency trading online. They offer users versatile software and trading platforms that can be accessed online through web portals. Additionally, they have high quality customer support and ongoing innovative options that put consumers in charge of their portfolios every day. There are a lot of reasons to consider using AvaTrade for online trading. Continual improvements and a commitment to excellence are some of the advantages of working with this institution.

AvaTrade is an innovative service provider because of their interest in customer preferences and common interests. They offer live trading as well as options for trial accounts. Setting up an account is also easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. The entire user experience flows well and makes it easy for things to get going right off the bat.

Overall there are a lot of benefits when it comes to working with AvaTrade they have provided valuable ongoing results that have resulted in continual improvements over the years. More than a decade of success has led to the most versatile and effective outcomes when it comes to ongoing support and systematic changes. Benefits of working with AvaTrade include easy to use infrastructure, valuable payment options and the chance to gain insight and recommendations from educational resources.

AvaTrade makes it easy to keep learning about the way that stock markets and cryptocurrencies can help improve a person’s portfolio of investments. Educational blog posts, advise from leading industry experts, as well as other educational tools make it easy to learn and grow as an invester. AvaTrade makes resources readily available to consumers, and has a fast and easy access system. Not only will customers benefit from ongoing access to valuable resources, they will also have a lot of advantages when it comes to deposit methods and payment options. Paypal, WebMoney, and various other systems for money to be transferred make things much easier for users of this platform.

There are a lot of reasons that AvaTrade should be considered more than a Forex market trading platform. They have valuable methods of payment, customer support, and general trading platform access.