Fifty top Osaka Japan Tourist Attractions

Video blogger Kim Dao compiled an extensive list of over 50 things to do while visiting Osaka Japan ( Kim Dao goes over sight seeing, dining and fun places to visit. Shinsaibashi is a main shopping district in downtown Osaka japan. It is a long route to all of the shops that have everything you would want to buy while in Osaka. Kim Dao also recommends checking out Pablo. Pablo features light and delicious cheese cakes and cheese tarts. Tourists will often discover lines going out the door of this popular store. Another place that Kim Dao recommends is Dotonbori. This is a place where tourists can explore and eat a lot of the local street food options. Another fun tourist location that Kim Dao says is a must see in Osaka is Glico. This is a popular spot for tourists to take a picture with the Glico sign. Takoyaki is a popular sushi restaurant where tourists enjoy eating the octopus balls. These are deep fried balls that contain octopus and are very popular during the cooler winter months. Dotonbori River is a popular place for tourists to hang out, this is a very lively area that has lots of people. Tourists can take a boat cruise along the river and enjoy the sights of the city. Those who are searching for souvenirs and gifts will discover that Don Quijote. This store is very busy and full of tourists but carries nearly anything that a person would be looking for. More travel locations in Osaka can be found here.