Gregory Aziz: The Man Behind The Company

National Steel Car is one of the world’s leading manufactures for freight cars and other rolling stock. They also possess an invaluable engineering department that keeps them at the forefront of change and innovation. They have held the TTX SECO award for their high-quality products since 1996 and they retain an ISO 900I: 2008 certification that sets them apart from most companies within their industry. In fact, they are the only company of their type in the entire area of North American to hold this certification and they have done so for the past 18 years. They have shown at every turn that they are an international force to be reckoned with.


Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car also gives back to the community. Not only do they collaborate with the United Way and the Salvation Army, but they also give to the Theatre Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera as well. Numerous local charities have been on the receiving end of the kind nature that is fostered throughout National Steel Car. In addition to their direct charity, National Steel Car is a major employer in Hamilton. They have over 3,000 workers that they value immensely. One way that National Steel Car shows their appreciation is through a massive Christmas party that they throw for their employees and their families. This is also seen as a chance to give back, as guests are encouraged to donate to the food drive that is present at the event.


Behind every great company is Gregory James Aziz a compassionate and formidable leader. CEO Gregory James Aziz sometimes referred to as James Aziz, has been running National Steel Car since 1994. When he started with the company it had just 600 employees and produced about 3,500 cars a year. While they had a great historical reputation, National Steel Car also did not possess any of the credentials that it holds today. Greg Aziz sought to change that as best he could. The company now has multiple accolades and can produce upwards of 12,000 cars annually.


Aziz was able to do all of this for National Steel Car because of his substantial experience in the industry. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Aziz started working at Affiliated Foods. He left there after 16 years and started doing investment banking in New York until he found National Steel Car. This time, it is apparent that he was prepping for the greatness that would come with his purchase and management of National Steel Car.

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