How Fabletics Has Gotten Back On Top

Fabletics is currently the leader of athletic wear in online retail. It started out with the vision of Kate Hudson but it clearly became so much more in the long run. You can see the success of her vision by merely taking the time to see how well Fabletics is doing compared to its rivals. The rise of Fabletics represents something very uniqiue in the work of online retail never before seen. Fabletics has successfully defeated online giants by taking clients off the internet and placing them into brick and mortar stores. This gives customers something they can never get off the internet and must see in person.


The success of Fabletics relies on something known as the reverse showroom technique. Instead of trying to convince customers to buy online, Fabletics will encourage customers to actually go into their physical stores to see things for themselves. It’s giving Fabletics an advantage currently unseen in this online focused world. Nowhere you go will you see this sort of reversal of fortune. People are going from Fabletics’s website and into their stores in order to make their final sales decision. It’s giving the retailer an advantage that many others can only dream of.


The success of Fabletics speaks well for the future of brick and mortar stores. It seemed as if online retailers would absolutely destroy physical retail, but this isn’t so obviously the case anymore. There are ways for physical stores to compete with the internet and Hudson has clearly found them. Others will inevitably copy this model of business and try to find their own way to fight on. They understand it’s more than a slip chance of hope in the athletic wear market. New ways of combating online giants will eventually become the mainstream and give brick and mortar stores a revival.


Kate Hudson has already proven herself as an actress and she’s now proving she can be an entrepreneur too. Fabletics is giving women everywhere the ability to find athletic wear specifically suited to their body in a style they want. The personalized touch makes a huge difference and it’s the main reason companies like this are able to last so long. They understand their demographics and they do everything they can to cater to them. That’s something you’ll never see from the online giants and it’s something that can’t be repeated by just any other business out there.