How Fabletics is making entrance into the international market

The development of the company

Having been started in 2013, Fabletics first focused on the production of women’s sportswear. The business started on a good note as the initial investment was meant to capture the attention of the available market and to aid the customers in getting a glimpse of what the business entailed. The company, later in the year, noticed that there was a greater market. In the same year, the company launched footwear and other accessories that would help in during the times of sports. The quality of the products became attractive to men as well. The beauty and the quality of the products led to a new line of production. After a few months into business, the Fabletics launched men’s wear. The company ensured that men got the quality of sportswear that they deserved. In the last few months, Fabletics launched some swimming costumes that would interest the consumers. With only three years into business, Fabletics has a net value of $250 million. The value is expected to rise in the coming years.

The reverse showroom success

Most companies have failed in turning their showrooms into a success. Clients tend to browse the available clothes on a variety of websites, and after getting their preferred products, they buy their products elsewhere. This shopping system does not build companies. The existing companies cannot grow if the clients use their sites for information. Fabletics has settled for a different approach, the clients that visit their showrooms have to be trusted. If a client tries a piece of cloth on, the item goes to his or her online cart. With this method, Fabletics has managed to keep their products and customers without only providing information to the nearby stores.

Kate Hudson and the Amazon difficulty

Kate Hudson is a co-founder of the company. It is almost impossible for an e-commerce company to thrive in the current market without Amazon controlling most of it. Since Amazon is the most trusted online shopping company, most clients have trusted their services and delivery. Fabletics has taken a new approach where the company does not depend on Amazon to make quality sales. The fact that the company is worth over $250 million yet it has been in operation for only three years is a proof of its current success. The provision of high-quality goods at affordable prices is an indication that the company can make its operations without the interference from Amazon.

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