How Talk Fusion is Benefitting Network Marketers

Talk Fusion, a company that is popular for network marketing, launched an online training program dubbed “Talk Fusion University” as reported by PR News Wire. This platform shall be the channel through which the company’s CEO, Bob Reina, shall be able to engage directly with the associates of Talk Fusion and provide training to them on the dynamics of network marketing, otherwise known as multi-level marketing or direct selling.


Bob Reina has over 25 years of experience in the field of network marketing, and he served as a police officer before eventually being introduced to network marketing in the 1990s. Although he had no marketing experience, by the time he was recruited to the program, Bob was able to create a system – a way of doing things – which quickly turned him into a top earner in the marketing chain.


The success of network marketing is dependent on both your efforts and the efforts of those you recruit and train. This means that you may have the knowledge, but failure to have the skills to know how efficiently train your recruits will make your overall income consistently low. However, with the introduction of the Talk Fusion University, Reina shall have the opportunity to, by use of precise videos, share with others how to use the system, he developed those many years ago to multiply their success in network marketing. He shall be providing these online programmes free of charge.


The University currently hosts more 30 of his videos where Reina explains systematically the most successful ways of introducing the company’s products to others and infuse them with the desire to grow and multiply and train even more people into the marketing chain. For now, Talk Fusion University is offered in English and Bahasa but will be translated into many other languages in the coming months.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina and has positioned itself as a video marketing solution provider. They aim to train companies on how to leverage the compelling power of thoughtfully created video to boost their sales revenues and their profits and ensure that their customers always want to come back to them. Video media is convincing and more memorable, which makes it an excellent tool to use on existing and potential clients.  Learn more: