Jed McCaleb Breaks Down His Personal Strategy

Due to the development of online entities such as eDonkey, one of the foremost file-sharing platforms of its era, as well as the first online Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb is highly regarded amongst the online community, and as technology continues to take leaps and bounds, he continues to utilize forward-thought to capitalize on the online arena. Jed McCaleb practices a lifestyle geared at remaining efficient through and through, and in order to do this, he places his daily activities into two separate categories which he calls “focus” mode and “reactive mode.” While in focus mode, Mr. McCaleb works on improving his product, utilizing a small team to code the programs associated with his newest company, “Stellar.” When in his reactive state, Mr. McCaleb networks with his associates, responding to emails and other aspects connected to the business side of growing a company. During this period, he spends a great deal of time assessing the overall plan for the project, while cutting out anything he deems nonessential, in order to ensure that he is always building toward the right goal. He spends a great deal of his time utilizing Google Docs and StackOverflow, siting them as two of the most important programs to his daily processes. A strategy that has helped him consistently throughout his career is his choice to focus on building a quality product, rather than on marketing one, as now, in the computer age, the internet has streamlined one’s ability to market a product to the proper audience.

Constantly looking to the future, Jed McCaleb spends a large portion of his time delving into the world of the budding new tech, artificial intelligence. According to him, the impact of artificial intelligence will be similar to that of the agricultural revolution, making it one of the most important new industries to come along in recent history. In order to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs regarding artificial technology, Mr. McCaleb has teamed up with one of the most promising non-profit organizations in the business; the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. While he regularly donates to the organization, he also recently came aboard the team, acting as an advisor.