Livio Bisterzo’s Business Acumen, A Brilliant Example Of Persistence And Perseverance

HIPPEAS brand of snacks economic future is seemingly brimming, with the current significant investment from award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio who also happens to have followed the suit of strand equity partners. The vegan company, which popularity has been on an upward trajectory for quality products such as organic chickpea puffs, has an eye in expanding further its sales pursuit into more global markets having established itself in USA and UK strongly.

The growth of the company can be attributed to the sound managerial and business acumen of its intellectual and charismatic CEO Livio Bisterzo, who also was its co -founder.

Livio Bisterzo Entrepreneur journey can be described as one of the major paradigm shift of the arrow of innovation. The CEO invented the HIPPEAS brand from writing a story that resonated with consumers in 2015. He has an amalgam of experience having been brought up in Italy and migrating to the UK to attend university education.

Livio Bisterzo businessman believes that a strong working ethics of hard work and commitment define who he is today. He inherited this spirit from his parents.

Livio Bisterzo started his journey in college, where he worked in youth culture, marketing and events. He failed miserably while doing several brand tests. His resolve, however, remained very strong. The product of HIPPEAS that he availed long after founding the Green Park Holdings remains a single handed invention.

HIPPEAS implies calling people to try peas. The product is light, crunchy and is rich in protein and fiber, therefore perfect solutions to those seeking to control their weights safely.

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Livio Bisterzo believes that the product he makes is a short shot for a sustainable future. The leguminous pea is posited by the botanical scholar to possess nitrogenous propensity which helps the environment a great deal. To achieve this result a great deal, the business executive has prioritized to fund farm Africa incentives that will go a long way in encouraging the growth of this good plant from the sales revenue of the brand. Livio Bisterzo is, without a doubt, a living testimony that there is always hope wherever there is life.

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