The Experts at Twenty Three Layers Offer Tips to make Party Planning Easy

By definition, a party is a festive event. However, the process involved in orchestrating an event can often be frustrating. In order to help people avoid the stress associated with party planning, the experts at Twenty Three Layers compiled a list of ten helpful tips. These tips could help anyone create an enjoyable and memorable event regardless of how much time they have for planning.

As one of the leading event planning companies in NYC, the professionals at Twenty Three Layers advise party planners to get organized. Creating a list of everything that needs to be completed could help party planners stay focused on what needs to be done. Some items that could be placed on the list might include the food or appetizers being served, the entertainment being provided and the supplies that need to be purchased. These categories could be broken down even further into sub-categories such as paper supplies and decorations. In many cases, using a theme for the party helps narrow down the field for the items on the list.

While the digital age is good for a lot of business-oriented services, the experts at Twenty Three Layers recommended sending out invitations to the guests. Not only do invitations add a personal touch to the event, they could also be used as keepsakes. If the event is going to offer alcoholic beverages, a bar designed to let guests serve themselves could be a less stressful way to go. If the party is going to involve both adults and children, a fun table for kids could be easily constructed using bundles of crayons or colored pencils on top of a paper tablecloth they could actually draw on.

As one of the premier corporate event planners in NYC, this agency has helped put together a variety of social events that involved everything from venue selection and floral arrangements to lighting and photography. The array of testimonials on their website indicate they have a clear perception of what works best for their clients and are capable of executing their plans in a way that makes all of their events uniquely enjoyable.