The philanthropic Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos was born in a wealthy but conservative family in the year 1958. From a young age, Betsy attended the Christian Reformed Church that is in Holland. Her family is Christian and she went to Calvin College close to Grand Rapids. It was at this college that she started being active in college politics and she has been politically active ever since then. After she cleared college she got married to her husband Dick DeVos. The billionaire couple has over the years made generous contributions towards political and religious causes. The couple has been keen on expanding charter schools in their region and also the use of vouchers that let students use public funding to pay for their private schooling.

Betsy DeVos was appointed as the newest Education Secretary, a role she has little experience in. However, her little experience will not hinder her performance because she will learn the ropes of working in government. A few months ago President Trump had revoked a federal policy that had been passed by the last president which he described as an over reach from the former administration. The policy had previously given transgender students the right to go to the school bathrooms that felt matched their identities. However, this was a move that Betsy had been against since it was brought to her by Attorney General Jeff Sessions who later used his connections to get the presidents attention on the matter.

Even though Betsy DeVos was against this decision, she did not publicly show a rift between her and the president’s ideology in the matter. She even declined an interview to talk about the matter. Those who know her back in her home town, have described her as relentless and driven. They say that anyone who would take her for a meek team player would be so wrong. They say she uses her family’s fortune to reward her allies and punish all her foes. She is also known to use her influence working behind the scenes to pass legislation. There is a tendency to underestimate her because she is graceful and charismatic.

Betsy has over the years pushed funds to charter schools. Some of her opponents have noted that she lacks the connection to public schools and colleges because both she and her husband have attended private schools. They also say because of her vast wealth she does not know of the problems average families experience when they pay for education. Her opponents say that charter schools work against public schools because they starve public schools of their resources. Supporters of the charter schools claim that the charter schools give poor families an option and this creates competition that pressures traditional public schools to improve.

Other than her charter school causes she is also active in a number of other non-profit roles. Betsy DeVos is not just a member of several local boards in her area but she is also the chairperson of her and her husband’s foundation. Her philanthropic nature has helped many.


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