The Reason Talk Fusion Has Been Winning Product Of The Year Awards

Talk Fusion won a couple “Product of the Year” awards in 2016 as a recognition for how they’ve changed the video marketing industry. The reason they’ve won these awards is not only because their video chat and email products have produced high quality output in videos, but also because they’ve done so without the usual installations and upgrades that are needed for most traditional software. Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology to distribute both video files and live streams through email and live chat session links, and what’s great about it is you can just use it right within your browser. The system it started with was solely for converting video format to email files, but now it’s come to be a new chat and broadcasting system that’s competing with the likes of Skype and Microsoft’s cloud suite.


The person who the Talk Fusion brand originated from is Bob Reina, a former Tampa law enforcement officer who became a multilevel marketer back in the early 1990s. He and Jonathan Chen wanted to solve a problem for sending video files that were deemed too large to send through AOL’s mail system, so they tested and brought the first Talk Fusion video email product to the open market in 2007, and other products followed soon after that. This product defied what most email professionals had said before about it not being possible to have videos running within emails. Learn more:


Why does Talk Fusion use direct selling to reach its customers? Bob Reina had made a big career change prior to starting Talk Fusion where he came to understand how being an independent salesperson for a company working on his own time and to meet his own goals could be the ticket to financial freedom. He realized it could work for Talk Fusion as well, so anyone who wants to join the Talk Fusion associate listing can. The rewards for selling a lot of products plus bringing in new referrals includes things like expensive jewelry, getting to go around the world to classic vacation places and even coming home with a brand new car. Talk Fusion also offers all of their products free for 30 days and you don’t need a credit card even to start the trial. Talk Fusion’s products have been used by both large and small businesses and Reina often talks in his Huffington Post articles about how video marketing is changing dynamics in marketing as a whole.