Wireless Technology From Securus Is A Success

Successful technology continues to play a major role in the security provided for many facilities over the phone and at the actual institute. For security reasons, many people are declining to work in a correctional facility. They also say the pay does not outweigh the risk in current law enforcement. However, Securus has created technology that allows their customers to enjoy the benefits of reduced features through actual promotional offers. More importantly, their technology provides additional trusted surveillance even with their current inmate calling network. Luckily, you stay connected to an inmate for far less than their competitors.


Enjoy Crime Prevention From Securus


Their crime prevention model at Securus is a constant reminder of the need for additional monitoring in a facility. You can use their customer support professionals to see how; you qualify for an account. Crime prevention means less fee because you’re not paying for network discrepancies. Customers can use their web portal to report crime or confidentiality with their crime tab. Alone, Securus has been able to get their customers involved to also eliminate telecommunications crimes. Trust your correctional facility calls to the superior Securus Technologies network.


Recent Securus News


Securus now operates their network from a global provider with a certification 1 certificate. They were able to understand the needs of international detainees and the need for quality inmate calls. They have an opportunity to stay connected to their love ones in a correctional facility overseas. Fortunately, an American or other foreigner has the option of reaching out to their legal counsel, Enjoy the same great rates and quality service shared by thousands of families worldwide. Their international business merger for a certification 1 has been a success for Securus and their overseas partners. Securus makes inmate calling possible for their international customers.


Wireless containment will stop the use of illegal cellphones by inmates. The staff will be able to use their phone without interruption, but should check with their current facility. A facility will have access to remote technology to stop inmate contraband. Securus will assemble the technology and control it with their own personnel base quarters. The toughest facility will see a reduction in crime by at least 47% with their active wireless containment technology. They’re currently testing the new technology at select facilities and is set to launch within a few months.


Securus has also adopted technology that allows faster payment processing 1 to 24 hours. The GovPayNet technology was one of the largest government payment processing providers in the industry. You’re also invited to use their new payment processing for an encrpted network to protect your financial information. Join the trusted Securus family and save on your inmate calls today.